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  1. Customs Clearance: CBM SHIP will handle local customs clearance for the smooth movement of shipments.
  2. Bill of Lading (BL): Only Telex BLs will be issued to the shipper.
  3. Minimum Billing: The minimum billing will be based on one pallet with dimensions of 120x100x120cm. To optimize pallet usage, it is recommended to use cartons with dimensions of 60x30x40cm. Volume above this size will be packed in a separate pallet and additional charges will apply accordingly.
  4. No Show Charges: If a booking is made, but the cargo does not arrive by the advised vessel cut-off date, no-show charges will apply. Advance payments deposited will not be adjusted
  5. Vessel Planning: In the case of very low order bookings for the advised vessel date, CBM SHIP reserves the right to reschedule the goods to the next vessel planning.
  6. Advance for Space booking: customer has to pay 50% advance for the booking. This helps us plan shipments more effectively.
  7. Cancellation due to Documents: In case of goods don’t meet the custom requirements or missing of required certificates and missed to catch the planned vessel date. The advance amount deposited will not be adjusted.
  8. Change in Vessel Plan – Occasionally, shipping lines may not accept goods for the initially advised vessel date and will reschedule them for the next available vessel. In such cases, customers are expected to accept the new advised date without dispute.

These terms and conditions aim to provide clarity and precision in your shipping arrangements.



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